Combine the homeopathy principals and the effectiveness of herbal medicines and you have an incredible healing combination that is fast effective and low cost.

About Homeobotanical Remedies

Homeobotanical Remedies are herbal combinations that have been prepared using the principles of Homeopathy. It is a specialised modality. This dynamic protocol which has aspects of both systems. It incorporates herbal and homeopathic therapeutic indications.
Homeobotanical Therapy is designed to be a core modality. It is to be incorporated or to work alongside your other clinical treatments.
Homeobotanicals are a Mix -and- Match system of natural medicines that may be combined in any proportion to match the precise needs of every patient. The entire Homeobotanical range is mutually compatible so an endless choice of lotions potions ointments and unusual combinations are possible


The Homeobotanical Institute Incorporated provides professional and technical support for Practitioners of Homeobotanical Therapy. Established in 1984 and incorporated in 1989, the Institute is home to Homeobotanical Practitioners all around the world.

There are Chapters, Or autonomous groups in many countries: Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom, who have support through their local organizations.

Homeobotanical Courses

There are various educational programmers to train Practitioners to use the remedies in the Homeobotanical range. All our courses are aimed for the Post-graduate. There are two options for studying Homeobotanical Therapy. The first is a correspondence course through Herbal Energy Centre, or you can study through the Naturopathic College of New Zealand which is NZQA registered and graduates are awarded a full New Zealand Certificate.

There are prerequisites to be met before starting your studies. If you have no formal qualifications then the Naturopathic College can advise on other options.

We welcome our past members who are semi-retired or are in part time practice and actively encourage you to rejoin as a Professional or an Associate. We have streamlined the process of re-registering to support easier entry back into the Homeobotanical Institute.

We welcome students who are studying the Homeobotanical or Herbal Energy Therapy to join our Institute and offer free membership initially when joining and additional benefits plus access to our annual 2 day conference. Please contact secretary@hbinstitute.org.nz

Consultation & Prescription

Prescribing and dispensing Homeobotanical remedies involves personal input by the Practitioner. Concentrates or Prepared Homeobotanicals for the prescription are selected, combined and then potentised by the Practitioner as part of the consultation.

From the range of formulations available, a combination of two or three or more can be prepared by the practitioner for the patient specifically. Homeobotanicals are mixed in the proportion of the intensity of symptoms. Homeobotanical potions use flower, and herb essences.

Homeobotanicals are a Mix-and-Match system of natural medicines that may be combined in any proportion to match the precise needs of every patient. The entire Homeobotanical range is mutually compatible, so an endless choice of lotions, potions, ointments and unusual combinations are possible.

2017 AGM/Conference confirmed

We have booked early to enable our members to plan ahead and diary these dates as we look forward to seeing you all at our conference. We would love to see many of our students, past members or semi-retired members, rejoin the institute and come along to our conference. We value your input and mentoring for our student members.

This year we will learn more about NZ native plant identification and the traditional and contemporary use as herbal remedies and will be collecting and preparing native plant material and making them into fresh herbal creams. Every year we revise a body system in Anatomy and Physiology and have a key note speaker.

Date: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017
Venue: Tauhara Centre Taupo
Accommodation: Friday & Saturday night at Tauhara in shared bunk rooms or solo caravan or upgraded accommodation in separate self contained units which are shared or solo
Food: Lunch & dinner are provided Saturday and Lunch provided Sunday with vegan and vegetarian options available
Venue space: the main hall, common rooms, dining room & beautiful grounds are available for our use